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Shana Burke Boudoir

Shana Burke Boudoir.


Some women prefer artistic nudes, while others entice their partner by hiding their best assets under revealing lingerie. Buy new bra and panty sets, one-piece lingerie, garters, heels, tank tops and sexy stockings. Add one of your partner's oversized button-up shirts, boxer shorts or favorite T-shirts to your clothing pile. Try on all clothing items before the photo shoot in the privacy of your home. Make sure you like the fit, color, cut and style before it is documented on film. Ask Shana for clothing suggestions for your body type and view samples for clothing ideas. Ultimately choose bold, sexy and revealing clothing items made of lace, leather, satin, silk and velvet.



Some women choose to center their session around a theme. This will highly influence your clothing choices. If your ultimate end result will be a pinup-style calendar, choose to focus on holidays and seasons. A sexy Mrs. Claus-style teddy is perfect for December and panties covered in hearts are a fun option for February. Another popular theme is professions. Consider being a naughty nurse, busty librarian or female police officer wielding a large baton.



We offer professional makeup artists. Plan a consultation visit to discuss makeup application, allergies and preferences. We provide most of the cosmetics, but if you have an allergy or sensitive skin you may want to purchase hypoallergenic cosmetics in shades recommended by the makeup artist prior to the session.



Although messy bed-head hair from a wild night is sexy to your partner, attention to hairstyling is a must during a boudoir-photography session. Whether you hire an on-set stylist or groom your own tresses, plan for quick style changes. Start with a loose french twist or updo. By simply removing a clip let your hair fall naturally into a sexy, slightly disheveled look. Go light on hairspray, so your hair will flow naturally.



The night before the photo shoot, do not wear anything tight or restrictive. Crimping of the skin from tight panties or a snug bra strap will be visible. Plan to wear a loose-fitting sundress to the studio, with loose-fitting undergarments underneath. You will change into your boudoir clothing at the studio. Drink lots of water and avoid greasy food before the session, to ensure clean, clear skin. If you are using our makeup artist, arrive with a freshly washed face. Take care of any personal leg, bikini and underarm grooming a few days before the shoot to allow for redness of waxing or shaving to go away.


Most importantly be prepared to enjoy the experience!


**Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way and our dream is to unveil your beauty! Whether you want to surprise a special someone, or to do it for yourself! We believe that every woman should enjoy a Boudoir experience at least once in her life. We would be honored to give that to you.**

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